Can You Remodel a House's Exterior?

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Can You Remodel a House's Exterior?

Yes, it is possible to remodel a house’s exterior. Exterior remodeling can provide numerous benefits, whether you want a completely new look or want to update the existing design. Home exteriors can often be transformed with careful planning and high-quality materials, from increased curb appeal and market value to improved insulation and weather-proofing. Although, there are some things to think about before embarking on an exterior renovation project:

The Most Important Advantages of a House Exterior Remodel

Yes, you can remodel a house’s exterior! House exterior remodeling projects have numerous advantages. Covering or replacing existing siding or windows, rebuilding or adding decks and porches, and repainting the home’s exterior are joint projects. The primary benefit of such a project is that it improves your home’s curb appeal while potentially increasing its value. It can also lower maintenance costs because newer materials are typically more durable and require less maintenance than older features and materials. Properly maintained paint and siding prevent water from seeping through cracks or warping, saving money in the long run. By investing in high-quality, energy-efficient materials and professional insulation installation, an exterior remodel can also increase energy efficiency. All these elements work together to provide your home with years of beauty, comfort, and functionality!

Considerations Before Remodeling the Exterior of Your Home

Before embarking on any exterior remodeling project, there are a few things to consider. The most important consideration is being aware of homeowners association guidelines, building codes, and zoning laws or regulations. These constraints may preclude certain types of renovations or materials from being used. It is also critical to consider how a project will affect the budget. Consider researching various materials and accounting for potential costs such as labor and supplies.
Additionally, consider any long-term effects changes may have on resale value or potential health concerns such as mold, mildew, and lead paint that must be removed during renovation. Finally, adequate safety precautions must be taken when working with electricity or other potentially hazardous situations. Failure to comply can lead to property damage or injury.

Typical House Exterior Remodeling Projects

Yes, you can remodel a house’s exterior. Below are the most common types of projects that homeowners undertake outside the home:

1. Re-siding entails replacing old siding with new vinyl, aluminum, or wood or upgrading to higher quality material. Cost estimates vary greatly depending on size and style, but materials and labor typically range from $3 to $9 per square foot.

2. Painting – Applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior trim and matched panels gives the home’s exterior an instant facelift. Complete staining, including all primers, sealers, and top coats, should cost between $2k and $4k.

3. Windows and Doors – Replacing older models with newer insulated windows improve energy efficiency and gives the home’s exterior a more modern appearance. Costs vary depending on the size and type of materials used but typically begin around $500 per unit completed using standard low-double pane construction windows with installation included.

4. Roofing – Replacing worn-out roofing material with newer shingles or metal can significantly improve the appearance of a home while also providing weather protection for many years to come. The cost of new roofing ranges between $5 and $7 per square foot, depending on the number of layers removed and the material used (shingle vs. metal).

How to Select a Contractor for a House Exterior Renovation

Yes, it is possible to remodel a house’s exterior. Take the following steps when looking for a contractor to hire for the job:

1. Research, research: Look into contractors and read customer reviews to get an idea of what to expect. Find out who people in your neighborhood who have recently completed a similar remodeling project used. Make sure to carefully read all contracts and wait to sign anything until you’re confident in the chosen contractor.

2. Obtain multiple bids: Consult with 3-5 contractors specializing in house exterior remodeling projects. Their recommendations will give you an idea of cost, labor, and timeline expectations, which are essential factors to consider when making your decision.

3. Establish ground rules: Make sure you discuss every aspect of the project from start to finish (e.g., supplies) (e.g., permits). Experience is essential in this type of work, so choose someone who has worked on similar projects or is willing to learn how if they still need to.

4. Verify qualifications: Before signing a contract, ensure that your chosen contractor is appropriately certified and knowledgeable about permits, building codes, safety regulations, etc. Be bold and ask for proof of proper insurance coverage, such as Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance, which are required by law in most states.

5. Inquire and stay involved: Communication is essential throughout the remodeling process, so they should be willing and able to answer any questions or concerns you have – it’s constructive if they have an open-door policy and include updates whenever possible! Staying involved throughout the project will ensure you get a high-quality result that meets all your needs while not breaking the bank or exceeding deadlines too much!


Yes, it is possible to remodel a house’s exterior. It can include replacing windows and doors, installing new siding and trim, or completely changing the façade or structure with an addition. A successful cover can provide much-needed curb appeal, increased energy efficiency, more living space, and more modern conveniences such as entertaining outdoor areas with fire pits and other desirable design elements.

When attempting to maximize the outcome of an exterior remodeling project, it is critical to carefully consider your budget and the amount of time available for completion. Materials such as paint colors and finishes should also be planned ahead of time, as should research into contractors who specialize in exterior remodeling projects to ensure the project is completed correctly. Finally, apply for any necessary permits before beginning the assignment to avoid potential building code violations. With these factors in mind, you can be confident that you will be able to enjoy your newly improved home’s exterior for many years to come!