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Residential Roof Replacement

Before the first shingle is removed, it is important to protect the building and or surrounding areas from damage and dirt that can result from tear offs. Protect Concrete Stamping or Interlock driveways with plywood and or tarps, Protect Garage Doors and A/C units with Plywood, drop tarps around walkways and backyards, remove any outdoor furniture out of the falling radius, Ladder Boards to protect Eaves.

Tearing Off the Existing Roof Material: Starting at the peak of the roof and working downward towards the eaves, the actual tear-off operation consists of three separate tasks that occur more or less simultaneously.

  • Removing existing shingles
  • Moving debris out of the path of the rippers and off the roof
  • Putting debris in a dumpster or a safe accumulation area

Deck Preparation: Roof deck performance can have a strong effect on shingle performance. The roof deck is the structural surface over which the roofing materials are applied. The roof deck should be a stable, smooth, solid surface which will permit the shingles to be securely fastened.

  • Remove all roofing material down to a clean, dry and smooth deck
  • Remove anything that is sticking up, such as nails or wood splinters
  • Eliminate dust, dirt, loose objects, and moisture

Ice and Water Proofing Shingle Underlayment: Waterproofing shingle underlayment is a very different kind of material. It is used in vulnerable locations on the roof deck that are most likely to leak during Storms with high winds or when ice dams develop. Along the eaves, around roof penetrations and in the valleys, are the most likely to require waterproof underlayment.

Roofs on Homes Sure Start Protection 10 Year Non-Prorated Package: CertainTeed Requirements 10 Year Sure Start Period

  • 3ft along 3Ft Along Eaves
  • All Valleys
  • Exhaust Vents
  • Con-Joining Walls
  • Attic Vents, Max Vents

Optional-Water–Resistant Underlayment’s: CertainTeed Diamond deck is a synthetic, scrim-reinforced water-resistant underlayment that can be used beneath shingles. It has exceptional dimensional stability compared to standard felt underlayment. Diamond Deck’s special top surface treatment provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet.

Note: CertainTeed does not require that shingle underlayment be used under their shingles for the standard 10 Year Non-Pro—Rated shingle warranty to be in effect on slopes of 4/12 or greater. However, when we look at the performance of the roof system as a whole, underlayment has a legitimate role to play. Underlayment is an important component in the UL fire resistance classification. It can provide back-up protection in case of a shingle blow-off, and during the installation of shingles it can keep the un-shingled decking dry. For these reasons and also because many homeowners believe it is an important part of the roof system, we require its use in the Integrity Roof System.

Optional Drip Edge: Drip edge is a product that can be applied along the roofs edges protecting eaves from ice buildup and protects gable ends or rakes from wind driven rain. Drip edge provides a nail-able area for any spaces or gaps found in older homes at the roofs edges. Also, it may protect those vulnerable areas from wildlife getting into the Attic. Note: Manufacture will offer you the same warranty with or without this product. Note: We do not warranty any animal or wildlife damage.

Closed Valley: Valleys are where two roof slopes conjoin or meet calling it a gully or valley. Closed-cut valley application begins prior to shingle application, line the valley by centering and applying 36-inch-wide self-adhering water proof underlayment, directly to the deck and then begin the closed-cut valley application method providing CertainTeed’s shingle applicators manual.

Open Valley: Begins prior to shingle application, line the valley by centering and applying 36-inch-wide self-adhering water proof underlayment, directly to the deck, line metal valley by centering and applying 36-inch-wide metal valley directly on top of the water proof underlayment and begin the open valley application method providing CertainTeed’s shingle applicators manual.

Roofs on Homes Closed Metal Valley: Begins prior to shingle application, line the valley by centering and applying 36-inch-wide self-adhering water proof underlayment, directly to the deck, line metal valley by centering and applying 36-inch-wide metal valley directly on top of the water proof underlayment and the begin the closed cut valley application method providing CertainTeed’s shingle applicators manual, leaving you with a 3-layer valley system.

At Roofs on Homes we recommend our standard closed metal valley application, our standard are most companies upgrades.

Ventilation: Is a system of intake and exhaust that creates a flow of air. Effective attic ventilation provides year-round benefits, creating cooler attic in the summer and drier attic in the winter, protecting against damage to materials and structure, helping to reduce energy consumption and helping to prevent ice dams.

  • Added comfort inside the house
  • Protection against damage to roof materials and structure
  • Reduced energy consumption throughout the year

Standards for Ventilation: The standard ventilation code reduces to 1 Square ft. of net free ventilation for every 300-square ft. of attic floor space. The manufacture has increased ventilation requiring a minimum of 1 square foot of net free ventilation area for every 150 square feet of attic floor space, doubling the Ontario Building code.

Flashings: As you can imagine, a good place for a leak to develop is anywhere the roof joins with walls and chimneys. To help prevent these leaks from occurring, corrosion-resistant metal flashing is typically applied. Metal flashing is effective, because when properly installed, it can help accommodate roof, chimney, wall, or structural movements due to settling, expansion, and contraction.

Sure, Start Products: CertainTeed Swift Start Starter and the Hip and Ridge accessories that must be applied for the standard 10 years Sure Start period and or the Sure Start Plus warranty.

Starter-Course Shingles: CertainTeed Swift Start Starter shingle is designed specifically for use with CertainTeed Landmark Shingle, upgraded wind warranties available when swift start is installed along the roof eaves and rakes, 130mph wind resistance.

Designer Roofing Shingles: Landmark’s dual-layered construction provides depth and dimension, along with extra protection from the elements. Widest array of colors in the industry, esthetically pleasing
Hip and Ridge Accessories: Accessory shingles are used to finish the hips and ridges of your roof and carry the same warranty as the shingles they are applied over, while providing the same level of protection and durability. The Hip and Ridge accessories are specifically designed for use of the Landmark Shingles and must be applied for the standard 10 Year Sure Start period and or the Sure Start PLUS Warranty.

Sure, Start Plus 20 Year Non-Prorated Package: Sure, Start PLUS extends the basic sure start period, and offers an extra protection of 20 Years of Non-Pro-Rated coverage.

NOTE: Only a certified installer from CertainTeed can offer an extended Non-Pro-Rated coverage warranty.

Winter Guard: Ice and water shield is long-lasting self-sticking modified asphalt on a glass mat reinforcement. The cost is much higher than standard water-resistant underlayment because of the high percentage of asphalt and polymer modified. Winter Guard is warranted against leaks and it is not destroyed when nails are driven through it because it seals around nails as they are driven. It is designed to seal the roof and prevent water from getting inside of a building due to ice dams and or wind driven rain.

Winter Guard Ice and Water Proofing Underlayment Sure Start Plus Coverage 20 Year Non-Pro-Rated Warranty Coverage:

  • 3Ft Along Eaves
  • Valleys
  • Any Roof Penetration
  • Con-Joining Walls

Residential Roofer Mississauga

The Integrity Roof System: Establish minimum standards for Sure Start Plus
NOTE: Specifications for the Integrity Roof System include the following:

  • Clean roof deck installation. No “roof-overs” are permitted.
  • CertainTeed shingle underlayment.
  • CertainTeed Starter Shingles.
  • CertainTeed Winter Guard Water Proofing Shingle Underlayment must be installed along the eaves.
  • Winter Guard must be used at roof penetration and as a liner in closed-cut or open metal valleys.
  • CertainTeed Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles.
  • New Wall and Chimney Flashings
  • Approved CertainTeed flat roofing system components (up to 10 Squares) if flats are a part of the warranted job.
  • Attic Ventilation is installed to meet applicable model code requirements, or building code standards.
  • Ridge vents with external baffle must be used installing a ridge vent.
  • Workmanship must be in conformance with CertainTeed.
  • For Extended 3Star Coverage must be Certified Installer and apply Integrity Roof System.

Why only CertainTeed gives you the confidence of Sure Start and Sure Start PLUS.
We can offer this extensive coverage because all CertainTeed roofing products are crafted with quality materials, advanced manufacturing methods and a standard of excellence. That means problems rarely occur.
But just in case a defect arises during the critical early years, CertainTeed protects you with Sure Start or Sure Start PLUS as follows:

  • Coverage of 100% of the cost of shingles to repair or replace defective shingles.
  • Coverage of the cost of labor to repair the defective shingles or apply new shingles to replace defective shingles.
  • Non-prorated coverage throughout Sure Start or Sure Start PLUS protection periods.
  • Transferable from the original property owner/consumer to the first subsequent owner.
  • See the Limited Asphalt Shingle Warranty for details.

Upon completion and payment, you will receive a 15 Year written workmanship warranty from Roofs on Homes
Also, you will receive a warranty booklet from CertainTeed, ensuring a valid warranty with CertainTeed.

NOTE: The Sure Start Plus warranty, once completing THE INTEGRITY ROOF SYSYEM, CertainTeed will send you a warranty from head office ensuring they will warranty your roof warranty, regardless if you cannot reach your installer and or Roofing Contractor

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